Monday, June 28, 2010

Beckett's FIRST Birthday!

My baby is ONE! How did this happen? One day I'm holding this sweet baby...

and the next I'm chasing this sweet (but very ornery) baby...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Here are some pics from the party.

The only appropriate monster bday invitations that my sister made.
LOVE this adorable cake!

Batter, Batter, Swing!

Aidan had his first go at team sports this past Spring. Soccer!

He's a natural, right? (or maybe his "Nuncle Derek" managed to capture the only contact he had with the ball all season)

Next up, t-ball! I'll spare you the 230 pictures that his proud daddy took but here are a few.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How 'bout a little Beck?

Because my last two posts are all about Aidan, let me see if I can come up with some things the second child's been up to lately.

This is how Beckett spends a lot of his time; crawling around searching for small objects he can put in his mouth.

or you can find him crawling into things

but you will NOT find him sitting still. THIS is a rare occasion...maybe the only occasion actually.

and because he now crawls out of the bathtub we bathe him in the sink and he loves it!

How can it be that my baby is turning 1 in 17 days?! Look at that face! LOVE this busy baby!

SSS Program

Here are a few pics from Aidan's Sonshine School program. I'll post the video if I can figure out how.

Aidan's SSS class singing "Who's the king of the jungle"

Aidan with his teachers Ms. Olivia and Ms. Natalie. He loved them!

The other boys in his class. Five boys and thirteen girls!

In his chair

His class was the Jungle Animals. He's in front of the cute palm tree in the corner.

"Okay Mom, you've already taken a bijillion pictures. Can I just eat my brownie?"


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What kind of Speech Pathologist am I?

The kind that works with kids on improving vocabulary, correcting articulation, and increasing intelligibility.

What kind of mother am I?

The kind that doesn't correct her four-year-old when he pronounces helicopter "kelihoptiter."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who's yo mama?

This is the sweet gift that Aidan made at Sonshine School for Mother's Day. This is what was inside....

Although the only biscuits he knows of are from McDonald's, I don't have brown hair or brown eyes, don't LOVE potatoes or the fair, don't ever recall requesting to watch Cars, and may be offended if he bought me black flowers, I DO love going to the the park with him!

What we've been up to the past week...

a little cheesin',






and relaxin'.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This could go one of two ways...

either I'll be completely obsessed and blog every minute detail of my day or I'll blog regularly for about two weeks and call it quits. Let's hope for your sake it's the latter.

So, after realizing the other day that I have no clue what time my second child was born, I thought maybe I should try to keep some sort of record of my kid's lives. Other than a few thousand pictures, I have nothing! This is my attempt to share pictures, news, milestones, and the daily hilarities from Aidan and Beckett...I DO have the funniest, most charming kids (yes, this is how this blog will go-blatant bragging!). Enjoy!